Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Claimed By The Wolf

Claimed by the Wolf
Channing's Wolves 1
Taylor McKay
Gay paranormal


A wolf without a pack is a solitary life. Calan runs wild on
Channing land, but his stay can only be temporary. He isn’t like other wolves. He will never feel the need to breed and will never take a mate.
The large black wolf—the shifter who claims him nightly—has other ideas. This Alpha wolf may not give Calan a choice.


Breath misted in the cool evening air. Muscles burned, pushing him,
stretching his levels of endurance. Calan was strong. He had to be
because his pursuer was just as cunning, just as swift. And the wolf was
gaining ground.

As a wolf in his prime, Calan was a hunter, of age for a female mate
and a defender of his territory. However, Calan didn’t want a territory,
didn’t want a bitch to mount. Calan ached for the forceful domination
of another Alpha.

Blood rushed through his veins, the thrumming of his pulse keeping
rhythm with the pounding of paws against soft soil. He was on Channing
land, rushing through the scrub and rocky terrain. This wasn’t his
territory, but he wasn’t the only one trespassing. The wolf on his heels
was gaining. Calan dug in, pushed harder. He was fast—the other wolf
was faster.

A growl echoed through the forest and seeped into him. Lust coiled in
his gut. His cock was swelling, pheromones saturating the air. Calan
tamped down the whimper building in his chest. He ached to lie in the
tall grass and submit. Eventually, but not yet. There was no doubt the
black wolf giving chase would fuck him. Calan didn’t have a choice. With
equal ferocity, Calan desperately craved the joining.

He darted left, his paws clawing the leaves, twigs and rocks covering
the ground. Adrenaline spiked his blood, surging new energy through
him. He propelled forward, exerting every effort to give good chase.
Would he outrun the other wolf? In the six weeks since their first
encounter, Calan never had, and he wouldn’t tonight. But that didn’t
mean he’d give in easy. He’d run, fight, and finally he’d submit.

But the night was young. Drinking in the cool forest mist, he ran as if his life depended on it. Because it did.

Taking a sharp right, he lost his footing and stumbled. A cry broke
from him, but he ignored the pain and quickly sprinted deeper into the
woods. Breath came hard and fast. He panted. Night sounds surrounded
him, and beneath the subtle fragrances of evergreen and oak, he detected
the distinct scent of the male wolf in pursuit. Calan would know him
anywhere and he was getting closer. Calan’s body primed for the fight.

The vibrations of the paws grew closer. Calan’s heart matched the
rampant rhythm of the other male. The black was stronger, faster,
larger. He was intimidating and Calan couldn’t resist the erotic pull.
Fear clashed with the unquenchable need for cock.

A viscous growl rent the air. Calan skidded to a halt. Ears twitched
and a low vibration rumbled from his belly. Fur prickled along his nape.
Lips pulled back in a snarl as Calan bared his teeth and searched the
shadowed forest. The black was here.

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