Friday, May 20, 2011

Hot Shots

Hot Shots
AJ Hardcourt
Gay Contemporary

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Top photographer Troy Walker would like nothing more than to top Simon Nestor. But how to mix with business with pleasure? Troy has been giving off the vibe, but Simon doesn’t seem to be interested.

Simon’s underwear and swim line are for men who like to show off their assets. During the photo shoot for an upcoming ad, Simon once again lingers in the background…watching Troy. Troy is driving Simon crazy with lust. But does Simon dare risk his professional relationship with Troy to get the really hot shots?


Simon’s heart raced. Melting heat from Troy’s touch seeped through his trousers and into his flesh. Simon didn’t flinch a muscle, couldn’t breathe for fear Troy would move his hand. Images on the computer blurred. Troy’s words drowned in the roar of blood in his ears. Simon closed his eyes for the briefest of moments and willed his body not to betray his mind. He couldn’t read more into the touch. He wasn’t like Troy. He didn’t put his hands on someone without the gesture meaning more than a connection to the job. Troy had his hands on models, beautiful men and women all the time. Simon guessed Troy had fucked a few of them, but he was the client and Troy had never hinted at anything other than professional interest.

"I think this is some of the best work I’ve done all year."

Simon forced his focus away from the sexual desire coiling in his gut to the frames on the computer. Holy shit. These were amazing. The explosive chemistry between the men sizzled in the picture. With perfect clarity Simon could see the ad. More than that, the dark-haired dream in the shot, who’d been friendly and professional during the shoot, came alive in ways on film that Simon hadn’t noticed in person. If anything, he was more beautiful in the picture. A small swimsuit cradled the bulge of his cock. Men would want to look like him…or want to fuck him. Either way, he was going to sell product. He had a body and face—an attitude—perfect for BB designs. "I want him."

"Yeah? He’s hot." Troy’s hand slipped from Simon’s thigh. "You met him tonight. I saw you talking with him."

"I know, but I didn’t get a chance to talk to him for long." And he hadn’t realized how the model would transform on film. "Do you work with him often?" Because Simon would want an exclusive with Troy. The chemistry between photographer and model was undeniable.

"Better than that. We’re friends. I shot his first cover. His name is Jago, and he’s Brazilian. I can probably set something up."

Simon turned to Troy and smiled. "That would be fantastic."

"Yeah, I’m sure. But I don’t usually play matchmaker."

Simon furrowed his brows. "What?"

"It’s just that I’m not into making hookups happen, especially on a guy I’d rather have for myself. But I will."

Simon laughed, but his stomach rolled at hearing Troy confirm he was interested in Jago. "I don’t want to date him. I’ve been thinking about putting a face to BB. I want him for an exclusive contract. Think he’ll go for it?"

Troy paused. He stared at Simon, the intensity in his eyes stealing the breath from his lungs. "You want him for an exclusive? You aren’t interested in him personally?"

"No, for that, he’s all yours." Simon couldn’t tear his gaze away from Jago. He was perfect for Blue Boyz. "Just don’t fuck it up by pissing him off." Simon chuckled. "Unless you think his angry look will be even hotter than his sexy look because I want you to shoot the ads."

"Not a problem. I’m not interested in Jago. He’s not my type."

Simon snapped his gaze to Troy. "But you said…"

"I was referring to you. Damn, Simon, I’m throwing out the signs. So either I really suck at giving out the vibe or you’re just not interested."