Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ten Inches

Ten Inches
AJ Hardcourt
Demanding Romance
Gay, Contemporary
Ten Inches

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Ten inches of snow has fallen…and so has Nick…for his sexy as hell best friend Ian. Nick would do anything for him…to him. Too bad Ian’s straight.
When a snowstorm strands them at the ski lodge, Nick and Ian choose to get a room. Can a cold day of snowboarding lead to a hot night between the sheets?


The heat in Ian’s eyes had Nick’s blood warming. Hot, chaotic pulses thrummed through his system. His cock was hard, his heart pounded, but it wasn’t fear surging adrenaline through his body.

“That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out.”

Nick laughed. “Attraction isn’t hard to figure out.” He set the beer on the counter. The room closed in on him, narrowing until his only focus was Ian. The heavy, rapid breaths he drew. The way his Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed. “Why are you nervous?” And Ian was. His fingers tapped against his thigh.

“Because every time I think about you, I sweat. I’ve always agreed with my dick. Big tits, blonde hair, you know me, I’m a man whore. And I love a nice ass.” Ian released a shuddering exhale and leaned against the wall. “But I guess about six months ago, something changed. I told myself my attraction to you was because we were spending too much time together. But then I only wanted to be with you more.” Ian thumped his head against the wall. “I admit I’ve tried to convince myself that I’m not gay, because I love women. But I can’t deny what I feel when I’m with you. I can’t pretend anymore.”

Nick stuffed his hands into his pockets. “So you suggest we strip, fuck around, spend the night together and then you’ll work the gay out of your system?”

Ian furrowed his brow. “No. I want to strip and fuck all night, sleep a bit, fuck again, rip some flake and then go home together.” Ian closed the space between them. “Label me gay if you want, although I don’t believe labels apply to us. If you had tits and a pussy, I’d still want to fuck you.”

Nick shuddered and took a step back. “Listen Ian, you know I’m attracted to you. Everyone is attracted to you.” The space behind the mini bar grew warm and tight. Just like he knew Ian’s ass would be.

“Do you want to fuck me?” There was no mischief, humor or innuendo in Ian’s request. The bluntly stated words had Nick’s cock fighting against the zipper of his boarding vent pants.

“No.” Anyone else, Nick would already have his pants down and his dick out. But he didn’t want to be some experimental fuck for Ian to discover his sexual orientation.


“Okay, you’re right. I think you’re hot. And yes, I’ve imagined sex between us.”

Ian picked up Nick’s beer, tipped it to his lips and took several long swallows. “Thinking about you beating off, as you think about me, gets me hot.” He stroked his hand up the beer, smearing the cold sweat from the bottle. “Then I have to beat off thinking about you.”

“Fuck, Ian. What do you expect me to do?” He knew what he wanted to do. Nick didn’t think his cock had ever been harder. Here was the opportunity he’d dreamed of. A day—perhaps the whole night—to fuck his best friend. To feel those full lips against his own. To suck his cock, touch his body…But what if after, regrets killed their friendship. Once they’d fucked, could they go back to being just friends? “I don’t want to be your first.”

Ian closed the space between them. “Nick, baby, you’re going to be my only.” He rested his hand on Nick’s skin-hugging, thermal shirt.

Nick grasped his hand. He stared hard into Ian’s eyes and slowly inched Ian’s hand down his torso, across his pectorals, on route to his groin. Nick’s abdominals quivered. Although, he guided Ian, Ian wasn’t fighting the direction. “Are you sure?”

Ian’s fingertips paused at the waistband of Nick’s pants. “Honestly, I’m not sure what scares me more. Following through…or stopping now.”