Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chamber of Secrets

Chamber of Secrets
Noel Kasey
Demanding Romance
Gay, Time travel, Historical
(past life, Interracial)
Chamber of Secrets

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Andrew Moore is sharing the moment of a lifetime with Khalid, a friend but also the man filling his erotic dreams. However, in the ancient Egyptian burial chamber, he unearths more than the secrets of the past. Will the discovery of a lover in a past life change his future with Khalid?


Andrew ran his fingertips over the servant drawn to the right of the main image. A flash of heat surged up his arm. Andrew gasped and jerked his hand back, but the heat intensified. Energy sizzled over his flesh. Muscles cramped and his body convulsed. His cock hardened and his blood seemed to boil within him. Euphoric numbness dizzied his mind. Unable to pull away, he touched the solid stone, yet his fingers faded, sinking into the hieroglyph.

“Andrew!” Khalid’s voice drifted into the distance. Andrew tried to reach for him, tried to grasp on and hold him, but Khalid spun, morphing into oblivion. His image had nearly disappeared. Panic crashed over Andrew.

“Khalid!” He cried out, but words floated unheard into the encroaching darkness. Darker. The lantern blew out and then Andrew was gone.

Andrew spiraled into nothingness. The world was gone…Khalid was gone. He choked, unable to breathe under the crushing weight of the darkness.

* * * * *

“Enter.” The harsh order weaved through the fog of his thoughts. Andrew tried to focus, but his head swam in confusion. He tried to take a step but his legs were weak and trembled under his weight. “Is this insolence?” The words were spoken in Old Egyptian—2500 BC.

“Kneel before your master, slave.” The rough order grated over Andrew. A hard jab to his back sent him to his knees. His palms hit the marble flooring. Pain knifed through his bones. He gasped for breath. Where the fuck was he? Last he remembered he’d been with Khalid, about to enter the burial chamber. Khalid! He jolted upright. Another blow to the back sent him to the floor again.

“You need a lesson in respect.” The lash of a whip snapped in the air a split second before the stinging spines lashed across his bare flesh. Andrew flinched, his muscles quivering with searing pain.

“No!” the other man bellowed. “Enough.”

Andrew drew in slow breaths and tried to wrap his mind around the hallucination. What other explanation was there? Except the thrash of the whip had felt real enough. The bloom of heat continued to pulse beneath his skin. And all he wore was a loincloth made of linen. His fantasy would include Khalid in a loincloth, or better yet, nothing at all.

Andrew stared at his hands. He wasn’t Egyptian, yet his skin was bronzed and scarred. His nails were short and his fingertips calloused. He remained in the submissive pose. Two men were on his right and several more were on his left. He couldn’t see beyond a few feet in front of him. The room was shrouded in shadows. Andrew listened. That he understood the words was just as strange.

“Leave us.” The men surrounding Andrew shuffled from the room. No one spoke and the room grew quiet. “Guard the door,” the commanding voice told the last man. “No one is to enter.”

Should he fight…flee? How far would he get? Andrew’s heart thundered. Wait, this was his fantasy. Whipping had never been a fetish of his. Maybe it was since he’d already been thrashed once…and the burn aroused. His cock prodded against the thin material barely concealing his erection.


The whispered word sent a shiver over his flesh. “Yes.” His name. Somehow two worlds began to blend. He was Anum, a servant. A lover.