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Monday, September 26, 2011

Surrender To The Wolf

Surrender To The Wolf
Channing's Wolves 2

Cole and others like -Channing's wolves--live wild and free. Cole has no need for a mate. No reason for jealousy. Sex is for pleasure. And no one gives him more pleasure than Gavin.

Only Gavin wants more. And it doesn't include sharing Cole with other wolves. He could fight for what he wants...or he could surrender to the wolf.

Publisher Note: In the Channing's Wolves Series, each book focuses on a different relationship within the pack, but the unfolding of the overall plot takes places over the course of the series. While each individual short story is complete, for optimal enjoyment this series is best read in order.


Cole retreated to the shadows of the barn, heeding Wade's warning to shift out of sight. He had to tamp down the need of his wolf --the need to stake claim on this man-- because right now, Gavin's needs were more important. Bones lengthened and his blood warmed. Tendons and ligatures stretched as his body morphed from wolf to man.

Once erect, he took a step toward Gavin. "We need to talk."

"I think we've said enough. At least I know I've heard enough."

A crack of thunder rattled the barn and the horse jumped. Gavin rubbed her neck and slipped a bridle over her head.

"I'm sorry." Cole seemed to be saying that a lot lately.

"For what? For fucking me or for fucking with me. You made it clear you'd prefer to be with anyone else, so leave me the fuck alone." He shifted his stance. "And by the way, telling the pack you'd rather take patrols with me is a fucked up way to say you can't control yourself with Shiloh." Gavin led the horse out of the stall. "So since youĂ­d rather fuck Shiloh, you can go with my blessing. Fuck you and fuck off. I have work to do before we patrol tonight."

Cole turned, shut the barn door and slid thebolt into place. "Not tonight."

Gavin paused. He stared into Cole's eyes,but his gaze kept slipping lower. Cole's cock was erect and thick against his groin. Cole took a step closer. Dark thunderheads blocked the fading light and the barn was warm. Intimate and ripe with tension.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Claiming what's mine."

Gavin shook his head. "I'm not that easy."

Cole chuckled. "No shit. What about us has ever been easy?"

Gavin raised a brow.

So maybe Gavin hadn't exactly been hard to fuck, but that was the way of the wolf. They were pleasure seekers, wild and fierce.

"Hey, don't worry. I'll take the blame. I doesn't matter what I thought. Fucking is fucking and I'm not interested anymore." Gavin rested one hand on the horse's back and held the reins with the other.

"We have more than sex between us and you know it."

"How would I know?" Gavin raised his voice, tossed down the reins and attempted to walk past Cole.

Cole grabbed his arm. "I don't have to tell you." He backed Gavin against the barn wall and growled. "You feel it."

Gavin gasped a breath. "The only thing I feel is your dick digging into me. Could you back off?"